Deborah Spiegel

Skilled Leader, Innovator, Communicator, and 'Trouble-Shooter'

Deborah Spiegel is a dynamic, accomplished executive with extensive experience at preparing budgets, planning and organizing, setting up practical and time-saving systems, teaching computer usage, composing clear and concise correspondence, creating procedural and accounting strategies, and more.

After graduating from New York University in Manhattan with a degree in both Psychology and French, Deborah began her career in the corporate offices of Estee Lauder --  first as Sales Training Manager and then as Director of Product Testing.  After 12  years in cosmetics, she moved into the world of retail as Bridal Director for Fortunoff Stores.

She was subsequently recruited by Macy's to become the Bridal Director for Macy's East stores.   Deborah then changed gears and became an Executive Recruiter for Kenzer Corp., a retained executive search firm.

Deborah moved to the Miami area in 2000.  She first worked as a Consultant developing Training Programs and Website Copy before being hired by Tiffany & Co. as Operations Manager for the Bal Harbour store.  Five and 1/2 years later, Deborah decided to combine her expertise and organizational skills with her love of working with people to create her own company.

She now helps her clients in so many ways:   by organizing their paperwork, files, and correspondence, by facilitating their bill paying and banking, and  by providing a myriad of PERSONAL EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT services so they can regain control of their surroundings, their time, and their lives!!

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